How can I become a member?

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What is a jigsaw puzzle competition?

Typically, competitors are all in a room together, working on the same puzzle, and the first team or individual to finish wins. Virtual competitions are similar, except that everyone is in the same video call together, and the puzzle is mailed to the competitors ahead of time. Here’s a video of our first virtual competition on YouTube.

How do I participate in the World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship?

The WJPC is hosted by the World Jigsaw Puzzle Federation. You can find more information on the 2021 event here. The USAJPA hopes to hold an in-person national championship event to select national representatives in 2022.

I have a upcoming puzzle competition. How do I get it posted on your event page?

Drop us a line through our contact page.

How do I host a local puzzle swap?

There are small swaps out of car trunks in a parking lot, to larger swaps with hundreds of people. For the smaller swaps, it is a good idea for the host to have a handful of puzzles to swap and set up early. Pick a place, date and time to host your event. It could be a local park, community center, church, or local parking lot. Be sure to get permission! Create an advertising flyer and post it on social media and around the neighborhood. Everyone that comes should bring puzzles that they are interested in swapping away. A swap should only happen if both parties agree on the swap. Puzzle swaps should be a few hours in length so that people can come and go at their leisure. For larger swaps you may want people that have more puzzles available to set out their puzzles before the event starts. Then those that just want to swap a couple of puzzles can walk around and see what is available

I’m interested in sponsorship. Who can I contact?

We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line through our contact page.